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Grand Lodges:

Grand Lodge of Arizona
Grand Lodge of California
Grand Lodge of District of Columbia
Grand Lodge of Illinois
Grand Lodge of Indiana
Grand Lodge of Kentucky
Grand Lodge of Maryland
Grand Lodge of Maine
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
Grand Lodge of New Jersey
Grand Lodge of New York
Grand Lodge of Nevada
Grand Lodge of New Jersey
Grand Lodge/ Grand Temple of the Maritime Provinces
Grand Lodge of Ohio
Grand Lodge of Oregon
Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
Grand Lodge of Quebec Canada
Grand Lodge of Tennessee
Grand Lodge of Texas
Grand Lodge of Utah

Subordinate Pythian Lodges:

Lompoc Lodge #57,Lompoc, CA
Olympic Lodge #74, Nevada City, CA
Tustin Lodge #85, Tustin, CA
Sunnyside Lodge #112, Riverside, CA
Berkeley Lodge #162, Albany. CA
Lakewood / Long Beach Lodge #403, Long Beach, CA

Owatonna Lodge #62, Beachwood, OH
Clark Lodge #764, Cleveland, OH

Twin City Lodge #69, Urbana, IL

Crescens Lodge #33, New Castle, IN

Friendship Lodge #8, Annapolis, MD

New Jersey:
Hermione Lodge #12, Newfield, NJ
Benjamin N. Cardozo Lodge #163, Fairlawn,NJ

New York:

Pomonok Kew Hills Federal Lodge #6, Flushing, NY
Ramapo Lodge #485, Rockland, NY
FDR Lodge #613, Queens, NY 
Goodfellowship Lodge #635, Brooklyn, NY
Rochester Jay Lodge #639, Rochester, NY
North Shore Lodge #824, Great Neck, NY
Yorktown Lodge #859, Yorktown Heights, NY

Oak Leaf Lodge #49, Rockwood, TN
Sam Davis Lodge #158, Centerville, TN

Fredericksburg Lodge #22, Fredericksburg, VA

Commencement Lodge #7, Tacoma, WA

East Texas Pythians

Pythian Sisters Grand Temples:

Subordinate Pythian Sisters Temples:
Shining Star Temple #1, Fair Lawn, NJ
El Camino Temple #7, Tustin, CA
Charity Temple #35, Westminster, MD

Knights of Pythias Retirement Center, Vancover, WA


These are the winners of the 2015 poster contest.


First Place

1st Place Poster, winner of $1,000.00
Kaitlin Sullivan Grade 12
School - Somerset Berkley Regional High School
Home City - Somerset, MA


2nd Place

2nd Place Poster - winner of $500.00
Madison Wenger Grade 10
School Longview Christian Academy
Home City - Longview, TX

3rd Place
3rd Place Poster - winner of $250.00
Abigale Miller Grade 10
School North Penn Liberty Junior High School
Home City - Liberty, PA
4th Place
4th Place Poster - winner of $100.00
Jarod Graham Grade 10
School Port Huron High School
Home City - Port Huron, MI


5th Place
5th Place Poster - winner of $100.00
Alicia Wang Grade 10
School Jack Britt High School
Home City - Fayetteville, NC


6th Place
6th Place Poster - winner of $100.00
Lauren E. Whittaker Grade 12
School Springfield - Clark Career Technology Center
Home City - Charleston, OH



7th Place
7th Place Poster - winner of $100.00
Madison Miller Grade 11
School - Foothill High School
Home City - Seal Beach, CA



8th Place
8th Place Poster - winner of $100.00
Sierra Baughman Grade 11
School - Liberty Union High School
Home City - Baltimore, OH




The Fraternal Order of Knights of Pythias is a partner of the Boy Scouts of America. Our subsidiary lodges are encouraged to sponsor Scout units.

We would be pleased to supply a certificate and patch to Eagle Scouts in recognition of their accomplishment. However, the funding to provide this recognition was not renewed, and we must, unfortunately, request a $5.00 fee to cover the cost of the patch and postage. We sincerely regret the need to ask for payment at this time and we are working to secure funding for this project in the future. Please right-click on the button to the right, which will download a PDF form which can be filled in on your computer, and then printed so that you may mail the form to us.

We have compiled a list of Eagle Service Projects which have been performed by Scouts who have previously received our recognition certificate. Click on the button to view the list.



Pythians are eligible for membership in the Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan (DOKK). And membership in the DOKK is your opportunity to enjoy an exciting new aspect of our fraternal Order. As well, you’ll enjoy the realm of fun and frolic. You’ll find that DOKK meetings, ceremonial, customs and plans are refreshingly different from your usual Lodge patterns.
As an initiate you’ll certainly enjoy receiving, witnessing and possibly even becoming an active participant in the renowned DOKK “Eighth Order”. The DOKK ritual teaches valuable lessons of life and includes a scene which exemplifies our motto “Lift Up The Fallen”. It is rated as one of the finest ritualistic parts ever written.

Local organizations are known as Temples and have been established in communities throughout the United States and Canada. The DOKK is governed by a national organization known as the Imperial Palace, similar to the Supreme Lodge, except that it deals directly with the Temples and has no state body such as a Grand Lodge. The Imperial Palace is comprised of representatives from Temples across the United States and Canada who meet in convention every two years.

If there is no DOKK Temple in your community and you wish to organize one, a minimum of twenty-five Pythians may make application to the Imperial Palace to establish a Temple. There are, from time to time various incentives available from the Imperial Palace to groups establishing a new Temple.



The result of DOKK fund raising is directed towards the fulfillment of the Orders honored humanitarian aim “LIFT UP THE FALLEN”.

For more information, please write to: Past Imperial Prince Arthur Bonnot